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18 March 2012

Alabama Adjustments

Goobergunch @ 16:00 PT
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After resynchronizing the relevant portions of the delegate count with data from the Republican National Committee, the pledged delegate count from Alabama has been revised to: Santorum 22, Gingrich 14, Romney 11. All other pledged delegate counts from this week remain unadjusted.

Because numbers are rather dry, here’s a graphical representation of the state of the primary race at this point. Each square represents 1 delegate. Romney’s delegates are marked in blue, Santorum’s in red, Gingrich’s in orange, Paul’s in green, and Huntsman’s in violet. Gray squares indicate “uncommitted” delegates who have not announced support for a candidate—most of these are automatic RNC delegates.

Because I wanted to give some indication of how caucus states have voted, I’ve also added striped squares based on the Associated Press’s delegate allocation for caucus states. I do not endorse the methodology behind these counts and they may not actually resemble the final delegate allocation in these states. (Of these “fantasy delegates”, 73 are allocated to Santorum, 62 to Romney, and 15 to Paul.)

Romney 445, Santorum 184, Gingrich 138, Paul 35

In the upcoming week, 94 more delegates will be allocated from Puerto Rico, Illinois, and Louisiana.

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