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20 January 2012

Gingrich Delegate No. 3, Romney Delegates No. 27-28

Goobergunch @ 23:00 PT
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A couple new superdelegate additions from this AP story:

Herbert Schoenbohm, the GOP chairman in the Virgin Islands, said that beating Obama is important, but his support for Romney goes much deeper.


Lawrence Kadish, an RNC member from Long Island, N.Y., challenged that assessment, saying Gingrich “towers head and shoulders over those other candidates. I don’t view Mr. Romney as having a deep rudder, but he’s OK.”

And from the L.A. Times:

Indeed, two top Perry fundraisers—Mississippi-based political strategist Henry Barbour and Dirk Van Dongen, a lobbyist who co-chaired the governor’s fundraising efforts in Washington–signed on to the Romney camp Thursday.

(Barbour’s an RNC member, Van Dongen isn’t.)


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